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BSOP 2017 / SEASON 12

BSOP 2017 / SEASON 12


Get ready for the BSOP Millions 2017. The biggest poker tournament ever held in the Southern Hemisphere will happen again at the WTC Sheraton's wonderful Golden Hall in November and December 2017.

The BSOP Millions 2017 is confirmed to take place in the city of São Paulo, between November 28 and December 7.

Just like in 2017, Millions will have 10 days with multiple tournaments and many modes that will challenge the skill and ability of all poker players. Throughout the first half of 2017 we will confirm further details of the calendar closing stage, such as the schedule, promotions and qualifying satellites.


São Paulo is the financial and commercial center of Brazil. The largest city in Latin America has a reputation for "never sleeping", since there are tons of options to see and do around the city and, as it is known among Brazilians, the city has some of the best restaurants in the world. Compared by many as the Latin version of New York, there you will be able to have lots of fun with many nightclubs, malls and the taste of world cuisine in their restaurants.


São Paulo is the main hub for airlines in Brazil. Basically, every company that flies to the country has a flight to São Paulo. The largest airports in the US and most European capitals have direct flights to São Paulo. All international flights to São Paulo arrive at Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), which is located in Guarulhos, 20 km from São Paulo.

From the Airport to the Hotels there are several transportation services in the city, but it is faster to get a taxi. However, we strongly recommend that you pay in advance for your taxi trip before you leave the terminal, as traffic in Sao Paulo can be tricky as the running can get very expensive. The normal GRU taxi ride to the Sheraton WTC will last about 1h20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and will cost about $ 180 ($ 50USD).


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