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The BSOP is a series of sports poker tournaments held in Brazil since 2006. In its tenth season, BSOP is consolidating as the largest poker event in Latin America, having reached the record of 2930 participants in the tournament of its final stage Of 2014, and with this mark, it reaches the status of second largest tournament of poker of the world. The BSOP is held in some of the best tourist destinations in Brazil and in some of the largest capitals in the country.

SEPTEMBER 1 (2006) - BSOP emerged in 2006 as an idea never seen before in Brazil: a deep stack tournament with longer blinds and buy-ins above R $ 1,000. In addition, the proposal was to be a traveling tournament, visiting beautiful destinations in the country and providing the public of several states with a fantastic experience. In that first season, the tournament had an average of 60 participants per stage and, at the end of the season, Leandro Brasa was the leader of the annual ranking, being the first Brazilian Poker Champion in history.

SEASON 2 (2007) - The 2007 season brought many new features as new destinations and improved structure for the participants. The audience grew and an unprecedented scene happened earlier this year: Sergio Brun from Paraná made three heads-ups in a row in the first three stages. Thus, he obtained a great advantage in scoring, which gave him tranquility to administer the championship and to become the Brazilian Champion of 2007.

SEASON 3 (2008) - The year 2008 brought to the BSOP an average of more than 100 participants per tournament. New cities were added to the calendar, and this time it was the Santa Catarina based São Paulo coach, Claudio Baptista, who overcame all competitors and won the coveted silver bracelet, entering the Brazilian Champions Hall.

SEASON 4 (2009) - In 2009 the BSOP broke, step by step, its own public record. In Rio de Janeiro, in September, 641 participants transformed BSOP into the largest poker event in Latin America. Maintaining an expressive regularity during the season, Marco Marcon, from Paraná, managed to score enough to surpass his competitors and received the title of Brazilian Champion of poker in 2009.

SEASON 5 (2010) - The 2010 season continued in a crescendo and already in the opening broke the record of participants, in São Paulo, with 788 players. The number of participants was growing in each city where the BSOP passed, with a new record broken in Curitiba, of 794 players. The limit of 800 players came close, and the biggest of all stages would still close the season: the final step of BSOP, again in São Paulo, hit the ceiling of 1,000 players. It was in this final stage that we met the Brazilian Champion 2010, the carioca André Doblas.

SEASON 6 (2011) - The sixth season of BSOP has again marked tournaments and, for the first time, the victory of a foreigner in a stage. The great final stage of the season, called "Million" for the first time, had a guaranteed prize pool of R $ 1 million and a historical record of 1446 players. The Brazilian Champion was the Paraibano Flávio Reis.

SEASON 7 (2012) - The 2012 season again went through well-known destinations and returned to the northeast for a beautiful stage in Fortaleza. The closing of the year gathered 1612 competitors in São Paulo and crowned the Paulista Leonardo Martins as the great champion of the year.

SEASON 8 (2013) - This was a special year for poker in Brazil. With the return of BSOP to television and the presence of Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo at the opening of the BSOP Millions, the modality is increasingly consecrated as a national passion. This year's BSOP Millions closed the season with a field of 2,400 participants. The Brazilian Champion was doubly rewarded by the general ranking and PL Omaha: the São Paulo native Fernando Groww.

SEASON 9 (2014) - In a further year of considerable growth, BSOP passed some of the best tourist destinations in the country and made a triumphant return to the federal capital. The tournament in Brasilia was emblematic with a field bordering the 1000 participants. At the end of the year, the BSOP Millions gathered record fields with 2749 players in the main event and 2930 in their opening tournament. The Brazilian Champion was the São Paulo resident in Santa Catarina, Rodrigo Garrido. Fernando Groww conquered the Brazilian bicampeonato in the modality PL Omaha.

SEASON 10 (2015) - The year 2015 maintained the growth pace of poker in Brazil, with the average number of participants at each stage rising at a rate above 25%. The series went through traditional destinations such as Balneário Camboriú and Rio Quente, and saw an impressive number of established professionals winning several tournaments. The last stage, the BSOP Millions, once again crushed their own records attracting 3,866 competitors to the opening event and 3,457 in the Main Event. The Brazilian poker champion was none other than respected professional John Bauer. The title of the PL Omaha season was with Rafael Caiaffa.

Season 11 (2016) - The economic scenario of Brazil brought a season with more modest numbers, but, nevertheless, very exciting. This year the competition for the Brazilian ranking was one of the most disputed that has ever seen and ended up crowning Rodrigo Caprioli as the Brazilian Poker Tournament, one of the best known and oldest professionals in the country. The Omaha sport also brought a name of enormous respect among professionals, crowning Eder Campana as the champion of the year.

Season 12 (2017) - For the second time in its history, the BSOP season did not start in São Paulo, starting in Punta del Este. Champion of the Main Event in Uruguay, Marcelo Mesqueu remained in the top ranking for most of 2017, but saw Affif Prado take the lead on the last day of the BSOP Millions and become Brazilian Champion of Poker, while Mesqueu won the Pot Limit ranking Omaha. At the Millions, South-Mato Grosso Saulo Sabioni won the Main Event and began writing his incredible story in the series.

Season 13 (2018) - In 2018, the BSOP set records, counting on impressive numbers and a historic achievement. Winning the Christmas season, Saulo Sabioni became the first two time champion in the series' Main Event. In addition, for the first time the BSOP arrived in Argentina, with the stage held in Puerto Iguazú. In a BSOP Millions marked by the gigantic fields, Leocir Carneiro won the Main Event, and Saulo reached the maximum consecration by becoming Brazilian Champion of Poker. José Carlos Latorraca earned the Pot Limit Omaha ranking, while Jose Arenstein finished at the top of the Mixed Games rookie ranking.


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