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The largest series of national tournaments in the world innovates once again by gifting their customers with an exclusive and unprecedented benefit and reward program that will be called the BSOP Diamond.


Every 3.00 reais invested in live tournament sign ups earns you 1 Diamond point. Competitors who accumulate 20,000 Diamond points throughout the season will guarantee the status and all the advantages of being a BSOP Diamond for the entire next season!

In addition, all Brazilian Poker Champions since 2006 will have BSOP Diamond lifetime status.


BSOP Diamond customers will receive an exclusive player card at the start of the season. The validity period of the Diamond status is not exactly one season, but it starts at the one-year BSOP Millions and is valid until the stage that precedes the Millions the following year.

For example, players who have hit enough points from the 2013 Millions to the 2014 Florianópolis stage will have the Diamond status until the stage before the Millions 2015. After this period the card will lose its validity. Before each BSOP Millions start, the points are reset and the count is started for the next season.


When it comes to poker tournaments, the benefits to BSOP Diamond are unique all over the world! No other program gives such clear advantages to its most frequent customers. In addition, BSOP and its partners will make more and more exclusive promotions for BSOP Diamond customers.

The BSOP Diamond benefits are:

  • Special and priority box for registration in tournaments;
  • Priority attendance to receive awards;
  • Seat guaranteed in any tournament the BSOP performs. This means that regardless of the subscriber limit, a Diamond player who arrives within the registration period will have a guaranteed seat in the tournament; *
  • Diamond players enrolled in Alternate in a tournament will be moved to the front of the queue and receive a place with priority;
  • Seat in the annual BSOP Diamond Freeroll;
  • Participate in exclusive promotions for Diamond players with BSOP partners.

* Excluding events in which the mode restricts the number of participants - ex: shootout or heads-up and restrictive events like "ladies".


1. BSOP reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel the BSOP Diamond program at any time without notice.

2. BSOP Diamond players who are punished in live BSOP tournaments for improper conduct may lose Diamond status and be ineligible to be reinstated into the program.

3. Diamond BSOP Clients shall keep their registration updated at www.bsoplive.com under penalty of loss of Diamond status and ineligibility for readmission to the program.


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