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The Brazilian poker championship is a competition that extends over a year, in several events of the BSOP and that assigns points for the best classified players among those that finish in the range of awards.

The Brazilian Poker Champion wins, in addition to the unparalleled prestige, a substantial prize: over R $ 150,000 in prizes, including at least one zero km vehicle!

Click here to see the score table that the winners in the tournaments will win.


For the season 2017 the prizes for the Brazilian Champion of Poker, the runner-up and third place, will be:


  • Buy-ins for the main event of the 2018 season (01 buy-in for each main event of each stage);
  • 01 Complete package for PCA 2018, including accommodation with 01 companion and 01 buy-in for the PCA Main Event;
  • R$ 200,000 in premiums, including at least one zero-km vehicle *;


  • Buy-ins for the main event of the 2018 season (01 buy-in for each main event of each stage);
  • R$ 70,000.00 in prizes *;


  • Buy-ins for the main event of the 2018 season (01 buy-in for each main event of each stage);
  • R$ 30.000,00 in prizes *.



  • The annual Omaha Tournament Champion will also receive a prize pool of R$ 30,000.00 *.

*The winners may receive prizes in cash or products, at the discretion of the BSOP organization, observing the average market value of each product, up to the total announced prize money.


  • 1. All tournaments held at BSOP, excluding satellites and events exclusive to any segment of the public (eg ladies only, seniors, freeroll, press, employee, etc.) will count towards the ranking.
  • 2. A player, in order to be eligible for the title of season champion, must have participated in at least two stages of the BSOP and have been awarded in at least two tournaments.
  • 3. Players will receive points for their classification in each tournament, following the official BSOP score table, according to the tournament and the number of players entered in the tournament.
  • 4. Only officially awarded players will have their points counted. An agreement between players, which aims to increase the number of winners in a tournament, will not be taken into account. (I.e., the official prize table released by the Tournament Director will serve to determine the number of players scored).
  • 5. Any financial agreement between players at one final table will automatically assign all remaining scores to the position of the next player eliminated. Example: An agreement between the four remaining finalists of a tournament will give 4th place score to all.
  • 6. HYPER TURBO tournaments will award winners half the usual points.
  • 7. Tournaments of type SURVIVOR will award an equal score for players who receive the same prize. Example: 19 will be awarded with 3,360 reais and the 20th will receive 1,240. The 20th will receive the score of 20th and the remaining 19 will receive the score of 19th placed (for classification purposes, we consider all 19 as tied in 19th place).
  • 8. The score table will be fixed (below) and the score will vary according to the field (total of players entered in the tournament) and the final classification of the competitor. Scores with an asterisk (the last row of each column) are repeated for winning players beyond that position. Example: In a parallel tournament with 355 participants, there will be 47 winners. All those from 37th onwards will receive the same score (last row of the column) - in this case, 40 points.

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