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Qualifying satellites for the BSOP are now available on PokerStars. Basically, there are two types of satellites: the so-called Seat Only (only the vacancy) and the Full Package. The winners of the Seat Only satellites award their entry in the BSOP event for which he played the satellite. These winners must arrange their own travel and accommodation arrangements for the tournaments.

Those who have won a Full Package satellite will receive a BSOP package, which includes the Main Event buy-in, accommodation. This gives you everything you need to enjoy your stay as you play to try to become the next BSOP champion.

Do not forget that PokerStars is also organizing free qualifiers - that means you can get to the Brazilian Series of Poker completely for free!


Playing BSOP satellites on PokerStars is easy. If you are not yet a PokerStars player, first download the free PokerStars software and create an account. Then open the PokerStars lobby; click 'Events', then 'More' and 'BSOP' to register on a satellite of your choice.

All qualifiers should verify that the "Receive congratulatory email" option on PokerStars is enabled so that they can receive the confirmation email when they win the spot.


You can also qualify at the tournament site at all BSOP events. To do this, simply search the "Super Satellite Live" schedule in each step.


  • These terms and conditions are relevant to any live tournament (the "Event") for which PokerStars is offering a satellite entry, unless there is a document relating to specific terms and conditions for that event (eg the PCA or the EPT).
  • You can represent PokerStars in certain live tournaments (chosen by PokerStars) either:
    • Earning a satellite for money on the Site
    • Winning a Satellite Frequent Player Points (FPP) tournament on the Site (all satellite tournaments below being referred to as "Satellites")
    • Winning the Tournament Leaderboard qualifiers on the Site
    • Buying a spot in the main Event event
    • Buying a spot with Frequent Player Points, provided in case you are a VIP Platinum or above
    • Buying a spot with T-Money, provided in case you are a VIP Platinum or above
    • Receiving a vacancy as a guest or VIP qualifier
    • Winning a promotional tournament or freeroll
    • Buying a package for the Main Event (only the vacant or vacant + hotel) or a vacancy for any Parallel Event tournament.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all satellites for the Event will be No Limit Hold'em.
  • Unless otherwise noted, participants must be 18 years of age to participate in the satellites. Some events may require players to be 21 years of age or older. If you are not old enough to play the target event, you should not play the satellite for that event.
  • By participating in a satellite on PokerStars or by purchasing a seat, you assign to PokerStars the right to use your name and image for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  • Whether you win a satellite that does not involve money at PokerStars, use the Direct Buy-in cash option, or buy a seat with T-Money or FPPs, you agree to wear apparel with the PokerStars logo (provided by PokerStars ) during the Event.
  • You may be required to sign a waiver for the host location (such as a casino or a card room) and you may be required to sign a waiver to a media sponsor or transmitter. If you choose not to sign such waivers, you will not be allowed to play on the Event, but you will not receive any compensation or refund from PokerStars.
  • During tournaments, strict rules regarding player behavior will apply. Such rules may include penalties, up to and including disqualification, for obscene language, insults to dealers, players or any other person during the Event, or any other behavior that the organizers in their absolute discretion consider to be detrimental to the organization of the Event. PokerStars will not refund you if you are penalized or disqualified.
  • The place that the user earns in the Event is not transferable, nor can be changed. If you win, you have to play or give up the place. If you win additional seats, these can not be sold or transferred. Your PokerStars account will be credited with T-Money equivalent to the buy-in plus the Event registration fee.
  • The person whose name appears on any PokerStars account who wins a place in the Event is the person who played and won the satellite and that person must be present and play in the Event.

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