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Check out the rules for all BSOP rules and procedures (updated 20 / JAN / 2019).

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Below are some important guidelines for all participants regarding logos and brands.

  • Competitors may use multiple logos, patches or promotional accessories on their clothing as long as each logo, patch or promotional language does not exceed 100cm².
  • Competitors may be sponsored or represent a company or brand during the tournament if, and only if, declare before the start of the competition, in the registration form, the name of the company or brand. After the start of the tournament, a player who is not using a logo may only represent one of the official sponsors of the event.
  • At the final table, a maximum of three participants will be allowed to use a logo from the same company that is different from the official sponsor of the event.
  • The event directors will have full autonomy in approving or rejecting items of clothing or accessories used by competitors during the event. They will also be entitled to cover, hide or remove any logo, images, words used on the clothing or accessories of competitors that, in its discretion, are deemed improper to the transmission or dissemination by means of media available at the event.


  • The event will be documented in photos and video by communication vehicles accredited by the general direction of the tournament. Parties or the entire event may be filmed and broadcast to the public on open and / or closed television, or live televising of the tournament may take place.
  • Tournament participants are required to authorize the disclosure of their images internationally, without restrictions on any media. Such consent is given at the time of registration by signing the authorization term for use of the image, which appears on the registration receipt.
  • All competitors of the tournament give the organizer of the event free of charge the image rights and copyrights of material collected in the event.
  • The competitors authorize the organizer of the event to transfer the images and media collected to third parties.
  • The contestants agree to meet the requests of the organizers of the event for publicity, promotional or informative actions during their participation.
  • All participants agree to disclose information about their cards to the official press of the event and show them to the cameras at the televised table. The refusal will lead to disqualification of the participant, without the right to reimbursement of the registration.
  • Competitors agree to attend press conferences, interviews, and photo shoots during the event whenever requested by the tournament direction.
  • The management of the event reserves the right, at its discretion, to amend or amend any rule of the regulation, whenever such action is necessary for the proper running of the tournament. Participants will be informed in a timely manner of any changes that may occur.

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